UniAlarm Dispatcher A-Z

The UniAlarm Dispatcher allows of a full-scale, manufacturer-independent signal-distribution.

Remote monitoring service providers, authorities, fire departments and building managers can equally use it. With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher, a highly available signal-distribution network can be established from independent systems or networks. The system is independent from the individual remote signaling devices and supports almost all internationally used protocols.
Remote control companies Authorities Property management

In each case, the UniAlarm Dispatcher arrives as a fully operational demonstration system, either when it is downloaded electronically or is purchased in a box. However, the demo version contains the following restrictions, which must be removed to provide real-life surveillance:

  • After the reception of 50 signals with the individual communicators, (independently from the transmitting remote signaling device) it breaks the connection and it does not allow the communicator to reconnect for 15 minutes.

  • The system cannot manage more than 10 objects.

The licensing options of the UniAlarm Dispatcher

  • After the purchase of the Perpetual License, it can be used without time limit, but after the first year neither support nor software update can be claimed (before the expiration of the first year the support and the update can be further extended).

  • Within the Annual Subscription the system must be renewed for a discounted price every year. This price includes the continuous updates and the use of new versions, and a certain amount of support services until the lease agreement is valid.

The UniAlarm systems are sold for a base price in standard configuration; before this the license option listed above must be selected. If the configuration included in the standard design is not enough, an optional amount of add-on can also be selected.

It is important that following the standard purchase of the system the license can be extended with additional modules at any time. However, add-ons can only be purchased according to the license option of the standard system as well. So a perpetual additional module cannot be purchased for an annual configuration, and vice versa.

The standard configuration of the UniAlarm Dispatcher Standalone and the UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform

In its standard configuration the system contains all the functions which are not designated as additional modules – a single workstation (client) suited to manage at most 400 objects and 2 unique remote signaling systems. In addition, 2 GSM modules or UniSwitch relay panels can also be connected to the system.

The standard configuration includes up to 10 hours of annual technical support electronically or via phone, and in each case for a year after the purchase of the license, it includes software upgrades as well (in case of the annual lease, these are included every year).

Available add-on modules for the standard configuration

+100 objects: allows the management of 100 extra objects (for example, in case of 3 objects altogether 400+300=700 objects can be managed)

+1 remote signaling device: allows the connection of 1 extra remote signaling device (the UniAlarm Interconnection also counts as a remote signaling device)

+1 client: allows the parallel connection of 1 extra client

+1 GSM/relay: allows the connection of 1 serial port GSM or relay

IP remote signaling module: with the IP remote signaling module, the IP/GPRS/3G/4G remote signaling modules can directly send signals to the UniAlarm Dispatcher in VdS2465-2 or ContactID-IP form. So it becomes unnecessary to purchase a separate remote signaling center.

UpLink Module: the UniAlarm Dispatcher transmits the data from the objects and signals between the individual systems with the help of the uplink module, so this module is necessary in case of eg. the signal-transmission of the authorities as well.

Task-automation module: with this, if certain incoming signals/conditions exist, the system can be programmed to send SMS/e-mail or to switch remote relays without intervention (such as the automatic opening of key safes at the fire department).

Available expansion modules exclusively for the Platform system

4 port uplink router: with this, the Platform can be operated as a SOHO router as well

802.11b/g card: the clients can connect to the network in wireless mode without the use of a separate device

VPN server module: allows the secure connection of remote employees

Windows Share/FTP module: the Platform system can be used as an internal network data storage

Print Server module: the central printer can be shared among individual users

Additional services for the operation

UniAlarm Support 10: the package contains an additional 10 hours of electronic or phone support, which is available for a year.

UniAlarm Partner option: before the expiration date of the one-year of the Perpetual license the update period can be extended for one more year. If it does not happen within the active update period, the new version of the software can only be purchased together with the Upgrade package.

UniAlarm Upgrade: beyond the active update period of a Perpetual license, an update package can be purchased for a discounted price, with which the given license can switch to the newest version at the time of the update.