UniAlarm Dispatcher is the first in Budapest as well
Wednesday, December 21 2011 16:33

After several months of development and testing, the UniAlarm Dispatcher was first to fulfill the technical requirements of the Metropolitan Fire Headquarters. The UniAlarm Dispatcher as an additional interface developed by the team of the United Technology Alliance at the end of 2011 was the first to completely meet requirements of the Concentrator signal-transmission system used by the Metropolitan Fire Headquarters. This system signals the automatic fire-alarm systems and transmits their signals directly to the fire department Force Procurement Management and Alarm Information System (ERIR).

With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher Concentrator Monitor, connected to the Electronic Administrative Network Backbone the individual signal suppliers are able to forward the signals of the UniAlarm to the fire department in a transparent way while staying in compliance with all security protocols defined in the specification of the Concentrator, so the signals will be displayed to the operator of the signal center instantaneously, who then will be able to make the damage report in a single step (as well as to notify the necessary response units).

With this device our company took the first step towards the modernization of the fire signal transmissions in Hungary, and also towards the better utilization of available technologies between the companies operating the transmission systems and the authorities.