UniAlarm Dispatcher A-Z

The UniAlarm Dispatcher allows of a full-scale, manufacturer-independent signal-distribution.

Remote monitoring service providers, authorities, fire departments and building managers can equally use it. With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher, a highly available signal-distribution network can be established from independent systems or networks. The system is independent from the individual remote signaling devices and supports almost all internationally used protocols.
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UniAlarm Dispatcher Monitor

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Monitor is the alarm management application of the system, which using the directly accessible API, performs the query and handling of the alarms signals based on the preset rules.

The software also includes several comfort solutions to accomplish a simple but full-scale surveillance, while it is safe and easy to install.

What is the UniAlarm Dispatcher?

The UniAlarm Dispatcher system is a modular, client-server based alarm-distribution surveillance system, which combines the management and administration functions much liked by operators with the modularity and integration aspects expected from the integrators.

With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher system, even multiple, independent alarm systems can be monitored. Their signals can also be distributed to individual surveillance stations according to preset criteria; either by signal type or by geographical regions.

The UniAlarm Dispatcher system not only ensures the receiving and the distribution of the signals, but it also provides the ability to set up process flow and manage the internal databases with its internal intelligent system. It also makes the management of signals clear and traceable for the operators.

All components of the UniAlarm Dispatcher system communicate through secure SSL connection in an IP network, and it is certified by the EN 54-21 standard.

The key features of the UniAlarm Dispatcher Monitor:
  • Secure connection with the UniAlarm Server
  • The connection parameters can be permanently stored
  • VirtualHost connection to the server
  • Colorcoded alarm list, continuous monitoring of the signals
  • Co-operation with the message handler of the UniAlarm Server
  • Remote acknowledgement monitoring and synchronization
  • Fault tolerant operation, automatic reconnection after line failure
  • Manual or automated alarm form printing
  • Plays sound when a new message or signal is received
  • Data and object cache
  • Alarm and object search performed on the server
  • Remote software update by the UniAlarm Server
New software versions can be stored on the UniAlarm Dispatcher Server and by the remote software update of the UniAlarm Dispatcher Monitor, all computers running a Monitor client will be updated without the intervention of a system administrator or user.